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More About YEGUA


YEGUA is a collection of hand painted & hand made garments by Argentinian textile artist Florencia Montefalcone.


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Florencia grew up as the youngest of a family of six. Looking up to her sisters, mother and grandmothers, clothing and dressing up was always her favorite activity. At 18 years old, Fashion Design was the first career she pursued at the University of Buenos Aires but she dropped out feeling very disappointed about the industry's values. Almost 10 years later, the pandemic led her from the San Francisco Art Institute into California College of the Arts where she saw the opportunity to redirect her Fine Art Photography major into the Textiles department. 

It was a transition into joy, she describes. "Photography and performance art allowed me to deconstruct my feminine identity and recognize myself outside of the social definitions of womanhood. Each of these drawings on silk are the epitome of this whole transition, they are my happy ending". 

Florencia believes that wearing garments that spark happiness and feel pleasurable is an act of rebellion towards the history of women's beauty standards mediated by the male gaze.

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